Join The Largest FREE Walking Group In Toronto!

Our Hiking Group

We have a walking group that meet weekly to go out, get some steps in, and meet others in the area!

Embark on new adventures with our free hiking group! Join us for breathtaking trails, lasting friendships, and the joy of the great outdoors. 🏞️✨ 

Explore, connect, and experience the freedom of nature together! 🥾🌲 


Why Join Our Group?

✅Improved cardiovascular health, reduced stress and enhanced mood 

✅New friendships & supportive community while accomplishing personal goals and achievements

✅Appreciation for nature by exploring scenic trails in the area including a mix of easier and more challenging trails 

✅Stay accountable and on track with getting those steps in with others while enjoying others’ company!

"This might be the most valuable free group you'll ever join..."