At Home Workout You Can Do This Family Day Weekend!

We know how busy a long weekend can be. You want to get things done around the house, spend time with family, and catch up on some needed rest.

For those of you who still want to get your daily workout in, here’s a workout you can do that will have you sweating and feeling good in under 30 minutes. This way, you can spend more time sweating over board games, and less time sweating on the floor!

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Last Updated on April 13, 2021 by Andrew Blakey

Hope everyone is enjoying their FAMILY DAY weekend! We know how important it is to spend time with family… So here’s a quick full body workout you can do in under 30 minutes so that you can spend less time sweating in the gym, and more time sweating outside with your family!

As always, there are risks involved in working out, please make sure you are clear for exercise prior to doing the workout below!

1. Warmup – do a quick 5 minute workout consisting of different things to help raise your body temp…This can include running on the spot, butt kicks, lunges, and anything to get yourself moving!

2. Workout! – This circuit is meant to get a quick sweat going and work your entire body! Do each exercise for 20 seconds back to back with about 10-15 seconds in between each exercise!

Circuit 1:

a) Mountain Climbers

10 sec rest

b) Lunges

10 sec rest

c) Jump squats / regular squats

2 minute rest and repeat the above exercises 2 more times!

Circuit 2:

a) Eccentric pushups (about 3 second lower)

10 sec rest

b) Supermans (quick hold at top)

10 sec rest

c) Y’s

2 minute rest and repeat the above exercises 2 more times!

Circuit 3:

a) Plank

10 sec rest

b) Leg Raises

10 sec rest

c) Leg Hovers

2 minute rest and repeat the above exercises 2 more times!

Follow this up by some quality stretching and enjoy the rest of your Family Day!

We’d love to know how you are all spending your family day weekend! 💪 Don’t forget to like, and comment to let us know what you like/think we could fix in our next video!

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