3 Of The Best Ways To Fit Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

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Last Updated on June 7, 2022 by Andrew Blakey

Sticking To Exercise With A Busy Schedule

When it comes to creating a balanced exercise routine for those with a busy schedule, the important concepts to keep in mind are consistency and balance. Many times when creating a new routine people tend to use the all-or-nothing mentality.

With this mentality all routines you try to create end up being short-lived. Instead; try the following tips below to gradually increase exercise in your day over time. Those with a busy schedule will be able to see long-term results with consistency in routine. 

Active transportation/Improve your daily commute

Find opportunities in your day to fit exercise in on your commute. For every person this may look different.

  • If you drive to work could you find a parking spot a block away and walk the rest?
  • Is it possible to cycle to work?
  • Or bus part-way and walk the rest?

Research shows that active transportation provides long term health benefits and an overall increase in physical activity irrespective of geographical location.

Busy schedule woman riding bike

Furthermore, A study done in 2012 shows that transporting and participating in physical activity in nature is more beneficial for mental health than in any other environment

Both benefit your physical and mental health by making time to commute actively. This is a great option for those with a busy schedule!

Use Your Breaks Wisely

Similar to active transportation, fit movement into your breaks. This tip can be especially useful if you are working from home or at a desk. 

Take a walk around the block on your coffee break, walk up and down your hallway while in phone meetings, take a walking lunch break and eat outside, or take a 3 – 5 minute stretch break every few hours at work. 

A study done in 2016 demonstrates that taking active breaks throughout the day decreases employees’ physical ailments in the long-run, reduces stress and increases productivity.

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Schedule it in like a non-negotiable meeting

Having a regular exercise routine is important in order to see both short and long term benefits in all dimensions of wellness.

By scheduling in your exercise and making it a non-negotiable you are setting yourself for long-term success. It is easy for many of use to skip our workouts to attend a last-minute work meeting, run errands or other reasons.

Eliminate the possibility of skipping your workout by scheduling it in as a mandatory meeting for yourself to attend. Those of you who have a busy schedule would benefit tremendously by utilizing scheduling for your exercise!

A study done in 2019 shows that regular exercise can decrease the use of medication while improving cardiovascular health
. Therefore, it is important to prioritize physical activity for long-term health benefits. 

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Article Written By Certified Personal Trainer Shaquelle H.

Shaquelle Is a graduate of Kinesiology and certified personal trainer who works with Your Future Fitness to help individuals take control of their health and live healthier happier lives!

She specializes in helping women to have a positive relationship with food and exercise!

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