My Top 5 Favourite Fitness Gifts Under $50 For The Holidays

There is so much bologna when it comes to fitness equipment, so much that it can sometimes feel overwhelming!
A certified personal trainer walks you through his top 5 favourite fitness gifts under $50 in 2020! For each product, get a full list of pros and cons and decide for yourself which products you want for your start to 2021!

3 Extremely Effective Ways You Can Change Your Life With Fitness!

Do you find yourself stressed after a long day of work? I know I have! Lacing up your running shoes and getting in a workout is the last thing you want to do am I right? You may reconsider that after reading about 3 of the best things that explain how to change your life with fitness.

3 Tips To Make Exercise A Lasting Part Of Your Life

Ask yourself… How many times have you started a fitness routine only to stop after just a couple of days, weeks, or months? We’ve all been there and you’re not alone. Read these 3 tips that you can implement today, in order to increase the chances of sticking with your next fitness journey!

Creating An Action Plan To Ensure Your Fitness Goal Is Reached

An action plan is something that will help keep you accountable. Want to lose weight, get stronger, or do something else? Try creating an action plan to ensure you’re doing your best to make it happen, and find out what is keeping you from accomplishing it. We’ll walk you through how to do one, in this great article.