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how to stay consistent with exercise

3 Helpful Tips On How To Stay Consistent With Exercise

Ask yourself… How many times have you started a fitness routine only to stop after just a couple of days, weeks, or months? We’ve all been there and you’re not alone. Read these 3 tips that you can implement today, in order to increase the chances of sticking with your next fitness journey!

Lack of fitness results cover photo

4 Solutions To Overcome A Lack Of Fitness Results!

Have you been going to the gym for a while and initially you were improving quickly but lately it feels like you’ve been making little to no progress? It can be frustrating but here are some tips and explanations on how you can get back on track!

Get In Shape Before Your Vacation

9 Helpful Tips To Get In Shape Before Your Vacation

Get In Shape Before Vacation <img src=”” alt=”beach-beverage-cocktail-68672.jpg” /> With the borders finally beginning to reopen, many of us have decided that we want to… Read More »9 Helpful Tips To Get In Shape Before Your Vacation

The 30 Minute Full Body Burner – A Workout You Can Do At Home With No Equipment!

Looking for a quick workout you can do at home with no equipment? Then try today’s workout ‘The 30 minute full body burner’. Maybe you’re in a rush, maybe you just don’t feel like going to the gym today, here’s a workout that can be progressed and regressed depending on your skill level that doesn’t require any equipment except your own body and a will to get stronger!

Summer Weight Gain Is Real – The Seasonal Effect and How You Can Lose That Extra Couple Pounds

Summer weight gain is super common, with all the BBQ’s, summer drinks such as ciders and caesars (my favourite), it can be easy to tack on a pound or two. As the fall approaches, our body also goes into a natural cycle of trying to store more fat to prepare for the winter, in this article, we include multiple tips to avoid weight gain, and lose any weight we may have gained over the summer!

5 Ways To Make Running For Weight Loss Fun!

For many of us, running and getting out jogging can seem like a chore that we just don’t want to do; even though we know we should. What if there was a way that we could actually enjoy jogging and running for weight loss? Well, with these 5 tips, hopefully, you can enjoy running for weight loss a little bit more!

3 Tricep Exercises To Help strengthen and Grow Your Arms During The Month Of August

The triceps are one of the largest muscles in our arms but are commonly neglected by many people during their workouts. Many people believe that if you want to increase the size or muscle definition of their arms, that they need to solely focus on bicep exercises. These people are missing out on the benefits of triceps exercises. In this article we give 3 great exercises that can be fit into any fitness routine.

5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Starting A Gym Routine

All too often, we start working out in the gym, only to make the same mistakes that thousands before us have also made. Take a quick read to learn about the 5 most common mistakes that occur in the gym for beginners, and what you can do to prevent them. Let us know what you think about our list!

The Reason Why Fitness Programs Need To Be A Priority In The Workplace

With businesses all looking at ways to boost productivity, it’s no wonder that workplaces are beginning to implement various fitness initiatives to help their employees be healthier and happier at work. Exercise can help improve mood, associate your workplace with positive emotions, and become overall better employees.