Creatine? What is it and do you need it?

Creatine supplementation is something that many people have heard about but not a lot understand! In this article we look at how creatine is involved with successful performances in both sports, and working out, and how it can help you! We also look at how to properly supplement and what to look for when buying a creatine supplement!

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Last Updated on April 13, 2021 by Andrew Blakey

Hey Everyone, This is Andrew Blakey Owner of Your Future Fitness; a company specializing in at home personal training in the Toronto area! Firstly I wanted to say thank you for everyone who continues to read my blog, I’m so excited that I can be writing material that you all find valuable! This past week we continued to increase the amount of people reading each week! We also did a instagram story in which their were a ton of great questions ranging from Creatine supplementation, to how to create a workout plan, to the effects of a hot shower before activity… so many great topics that will be written about in the upcoming weeks and months!


So let’s get into it!

I posted a instagram story the other day asking if anyone had any questions relating to fitness and one of our followers wanted to know what is creatine and how can it help them with their workout and performance goals! Let’s first start by talking about what is creatine? Creatine is something that all of us have in our body already! It is commonly found in things such as red meat, pork, fish, and other meats. However, it takes large amounts of consumption of these meats in order to reach a sufficient level of creatine needed to get the positive effects. More commonly it has begun to be used as a supplement (most recognized in it’s white, powdery, oral ingestion form).

So can Creatine really help you?

It depends. It depends on your goals, where you are currently at with your training, and how you decide to supplement with it. Let’s talk about the science behind creatine supplementation. More specifically, it’s role in the ATP-PC energy system.

ATP-PC Energy system explained: Whenever we workout or do exercise we go through a multitude of different energy systems in order to fuel our body with the energy needed to perform. The 3 energy systems are the ATP-PC system, the glycolysis system, and the aerobic energy system. For today, let’s focus on the first one. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the energy currency our body uses in order to function. ATP is the core of what fuels our muscles, organs, and everything else in our body. When we use the ATP-CP energy system ATP is used up and we rely on Creatine Phosphate in order to replenish the ATP stores (almost like recharging a battery). This is a simplified explanation of how it functions but I believe it is a great segway for talking about how creatine supplementation can benefit you. The ATP energy system is the primary energy source for any high intensity activity ranging from 0-15 seconds in duration. By supplementing with Creatine Monophosphate (the most common creatine supplementation form) it allows us to saturate our body with higher levels of creatine allowing our muscles to have a larger access to the Creatine Phosphate needed to resynthesize ATP.

So what does this mean for you? It means that, yes Creatine will help you in high intensity activities ranging from 0-15 seconds in length! This can include anything from gaining an extra rep or two at the end of your heavy workout set, to swinging a bat and sprinting around the bases, to even playing a game of volleyball in which rallies commonly last under 15 seconds!

I believe that creatine is a great supplement for those looking to overcome a plateau in their training or are involved in high level, intense sports. So how do we supplement with Creatine? MY personal suggestion is with the most basic form of Creatine Phosphate (creatine monophosphate). This is the most studied version of creatine supplementation and studies have strongly proved that it works. It is also the least expensive form of creatine.

Note: Although their have been SOME studies that have suggested that creatine supplementation may not have an effect on performance, the majority of studies have shown that it DOES have a positive effect.

How Much Do I Take?

The Loading Phase: This phase is important for getting the necessary amounts of creatine into our body in order to see the positive effects. It is generally accepted that the proper amount needed for this phase is around .3 grams/kg of bodyweight. For a person weighing 100 kg this would mean they would supplement with about 30 grams of creatine throughout the day in about 3-5 equal doses and recommended to be consumed with a beverage or food. This loading phase should be done for between 5-7 days. Their have been some reports of gastrointestinal disruption during the loading phase so listen to your body and lower the dosage if you often deal with upset stomachs.

It is also recommended to take creatine mixed with a juice of some sort. Studies have shown that when mixed with a juice, it increases the absorption of the creatine.

The Maintenance Phase: Once you have completed the maintenance phase you are now at the easy part. All you have to do is consume one scoop (5 grams) per day in order to maintain these elevated stores in your body of Creatine Phosphate! I hope this answers all your questions regarding creatine supplementation! If anyone has any other questions feel free to DM us on our instagram page @YourFutureFitnessTraining or on our facebook page at ! Thanks for reading, please share to help more people reach our up and coming blog! Written by Andrew Blakey | Owner of Your Future Fitness

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