Qualities Of A Successful Leader

Leaders are everywhere, but no everywhere is a GOOD leader. Leaders are someone who people respect, and opinions are valued. Although today we’re moving away from fitness in this post. I believe that if everyone can become better leaders, everyone will benefit from it!

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Last Updated on April 13, 2021 by Andrew Blakey


Hey Guys, For those who are just giving my fitness blog a read for the first time today, welcome! I post blogs about different topics that I like to think people find interesting! I started Your Future Fitness in April of 2018 and we specialize in providing at home personal training to those who are busy, or prefer to workout, in the comfort of their own home/office!

Let’s get into today’s post – Today’s post is a little bit less focused on fitness and more so on the qualities needed in a leader in order to be considered successful.

Let’s start off by saying that being a leader is no easy task. It involves being a light when times are dark, it involves doing the small things when no one is watching, and even more challenging is – it involves a certain sense of accountability. It’s your job to mess up (because this will inevitably happen), and to learn from it to ensure the same mistakes aren’t repeated by those after you.

Being a leader in my opinion is something that some people are born to do more so than others, however, it is a skill that can also be learned and by telling yourself that you want to learn to be a better leader, shows that you are a leader in its own right. Below are some important qualities that a leader must possess in order to be considered ‘successful’.

  1. A Student – I’m not referring to being a physical ‘student’ in a classroom or school setting, what I’m referring to is in order to be a successful leader, one must always be learning. When you sit back and tell yourself there’s nothing left to learn, is when you have failed your team/company/organization. It doesn’t matter whether your team/organization is at the bottom of the barrel or the top of the totem pole – efficiency and the culture of that organization is something that can always be improved and focused on.

  2. Respectful – This sounds like common sense but all too often you see poor leaders in both the sports setting and the professional work setting in which they dismiss the ideas and opinions of those below them. This leads us to the next point…

  3. Hierarchy – I believe in order for an organization to be successful, the hierarchy of an establishment must be an upside down triangle, meaning those who would normally be considered ‘the bottom’ have a say in how things are run. The leader must take into consideration the opinions and say of those below them. If this point is neglected it simply turns into a dictatorship. By valuing those ‘below’ a leader, it brings them to the same level and can improve both efficiency and overall culture of the establishment and workplace.

  4. Outspoken – This may be a controversial point but I believe that this point is important in order to be a successful leader. Being outspoken by the dictionary standard means “expressing strong opinions very directly without worrying if other people are offended”. While I don’t believe that a leader should offend the people that follow them , it is important that when ‘____ hits the fan’ , a leader can take the organization by the reigns and direct it in the way he/she believes is best. Sometimes if you want what is best for everyone, you need to be able to deal with a problem directly.

    I’m keeping this post short today, but I believe these are some essential qualities for someone to be considered a good leader! Let me know what you guys think are good qualities of a leader! Thanks, Written by Owner of Your Future Fitness – an at home personal training company! | Andrew Blakey

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