5 Ways Exercise Can Help You Have A Better Day!

Your alarm clock rings and its telling you to get out of bed. All you want to do is go back to sleep so here’s 5 reasons why you should get up and exercise to improve your day! Let us know what you think!

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It’s 6 am and you hear your alarm clock going off to wake yourself up for another day. “It’s too early to go for a jog” your brain tries to tell you. Luckily, you also know that dragging yourself out of bed and outside for a morning jog is going to help you in the long run (pun intended)! Here are 5 ways that getting up and doing exercise (whether in the morning or evening) will help you have a better day!
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1. It makes you feel more energized – one of the things that all my clients have told me after doing exercise is that they just feel like they have more energy! Whether in the short term or long term, exercise can have a profound effect on giving people the feeling that they have more energy (this is due to different chemicals being released in the brain during a good workout).
2. It will help you become more productive – after a 7 am morning workout you’ve already done something to check off your daily to do list! How great does it feel knowing that normally you’d be laying around on the couch passing time waiting for a good time to get in your car to drive to work, but this morning you’ve already done something to improve yourself!
3. It will improve your mood – by working out you release different chemicals in the brain (much like the ones that help you feel more energized), that help to improve your mood and make you feel happier. This chemical (called dopamine), is commonly referred to as the ‘pleasure’ chemical. It is what is released when we exercise, do something we enjoy, or even something as simple as getting good news!
4. Help you lose weight – exercise can help you lose weight in a multitude of ways. The first way involves a morning workout. By having a high intensity workout session in the morning it kickstarts your metabolism and allows you to be burning more calories not only during the session but also up to 24 hours post exercise! (LaForgia et al, n.d). The name we use to describe this phenomenon is called EPOC (post exercise oxygen consumption). It occurs because after a high intensity interval session (HIIT), we require an increased amount of oxygen to help heal tissues and cool us down (Marturana, 2017).
Another way exercising helps you lose weight is by burning an increased amount of calories we can create a deficit (burning more calories in a day than we are consuming via food or drinks, which is the equation for weight loss). We will go more in depth on this in a future article!
5. Lastly, ITS FUN! – When working out with a trainer or on your own it’s meant to be fun! Yes, it will be difficult, yes it will be tiring, but when you’re doing workouts you enjoy, it becomes something you look forward to rather than a chore! Get out there and do some exercise today folks!
If anyone has any questions regarding the points in todays article send us a facebook message, I’d love to hear your feedback!
Written by Owner of Your Future Fitness, Andrew Blakey. 
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