Want to know what ‘Fitness 500’ is all about?

Your Future Fitness is super excited to announce it’s new blog series called ‘Fitness 500’, a blog dedicated to providing quality information in a way that’s easy to understand and read. All this is under 500 words! Click here to learn more!

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 Your Future Fitness is starting a new blog/article series that is all about educating you, our followers, in topics that are relevant to your health. Many times in health articles the message of the information gets lost in the midst of complicated health jargon. That is why with ‘Fitness 500’ we want to provide scientific based posts in a way that is easy to understand why/how they are relevant to your health. We will also be posting articles about different outdoor activities to do in the area in order to promote outdoor fitness and exploring our beautiful area around Georgian Bay! Our goals for this blog is to:

1. Provide information on different topics that are relevant to your health in a way that’s easy and fun to read.

2. Provide this information in around 500 words to keep the posts light and quick to read (no one wants to read an entire book at 7:00 before they go to work, ha!) 

3. Answer any questions our followers may have regarding their health! 

Your Future Fitness is super excited and passionate about this series and we’re looking forward to helping you learn more about your health and how exercise can help you feel better, happier, and healthier! Stay tuned for our first article! 

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