How I Decided to Start Your Future Fitness and Why I Love My Job!


Every business starts with an idea. Usually I try to make these blog posts non-biased so that you can form your own opinion about different topics based on the information I provide. However, we’re changing things up this week and provide a full look on how I decided to start Your Future Fitness and why I love training people so much! Giver a read!

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Last Updated on April 13, 2021 by Andrew Blakey

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My name is Andrew Blakey. Since I’ve started Your Future Fitness, I’ve tried to keep my opinion out of things when I write blog posts. I try to avoid making it about me and instead use an unbiased approach when it comes to things such as dieting and learning new things (such as foam rolling or starting to workout for the first time). I believe that instead of writing about myself, I can provide more value to you by writing about what it is you want to read about. However, I want to change things up a bit this week and instead tell you about why I do what I do. You can either continue reading and get the full story on what it is I do, and why I have such a passion for it, or you can close this tab and wait till next week for a regular blog post about another cool topic (no hard feelings)!

Let’s start with telling you exactly some of the things I do. I started Your Future Fitness earlier in 2018 from a small idea in a dorm room at Humber college. I didn’t know what to do, and learned everything I know about starting a business, from books and talking to old professors (thanks Jay!). Your Future Fitness is something I started and my vision was; to provide at-home personal training (which I had an absolute blast doing all summer) to those who are either too busy to go to the gym, don’t like the typical gym atmosphere, or would rather workout somewhere fun such as outside by a lake or field!

It wasn’t all easy though. The first month or two was super slow, I had no idea how to get clients, how to sell myself, and how to convey to someone why they should train – and then actually get them to do so! However, after awhile, I got my first client. Then my second, third, and so on and so forth. I use this example similarly for someone beginning to workout for the first time. As cliche as it sounds, the hardest part is starting. After that, it’s simply repeating the process till you get to where you want to be, whether that means losing weight, toning up, gaining strength etc.

So now the bigger question, how did I get into personal training and why do I love it so much?

Well I got into personal training not by choice. In my two year Fitness and Health diploma program, it was mandatory for us to train a client for around 15 sessions (I think… It’s been a long time since then). At first I dreaded it, then as I got to know my client, he completely changed my perspective over the course of those sessions. He started telling me about how he’s lost weight, and how his family has been noticing his posture getting better. The part that really changed how I thought about training though, was the fact that I was getting to know this client… who after 15 sessions wasn’t just a client, but also a friend. It was about 2 years ago that I trained him, and I still keep in touch with him to this day.
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Being with a client so often, you begin to learn about their life and are genuinely interested when they begin to tell you about their week … yes you’re training them, but you also get to directly see how the training you’re giving them, is directly affecting their life. It’s this change and this positive impact I hear about day after day that keeps me motivated and keeps me always learning so that I can provide the best training and the best information possible for them.

I love what I do, and my goal is to try and make sure my clients love training, as much as I love training them.

Thanks for reading, I know this is a little bit different compared to usual!

Written by Proud Owner of Your Future Fitness – Andrew Blakey

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